Have you seen this horse fence commercial?

Unlike regular TV, I usually don’t fast-forward the commercials when I watch horse shows on RFD-TV . If something relates to or interests me, I’m happy to watch. Horse products interest me. One of those commercials showed a truck driving towards a fence and at the last minute the driver jumped out while the truck headed towards the fence. They had my attention. The fence flexed under the force of the low speed impact and appeared to repel the truck before returning to its previous shape. I know nothing about the horse fence manufacturer Centaur HTP, but that TV commercial really impressed me. If the price is reasonable and I find some good feedback on the Internet, I’ll consider their product.

This version isn’t exactly the same as the one I saw on RFD-TV but it’s similar:

Have you heard anything about Centaur HTP fencing?

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2 Responses to Have you seen this horse fence commercial?

  1. Anna says:

    I’ve seen and read a lot about the Centaur HTP Fencing, but I have not see it in person or tried it out. I do think it would be quite interesting to try the fence, but that means I would have to replace every single fence post on the property and that is not only expensive, but also extremely hard work in this hard clay and and rock soil I have.

  2. Bill says:

    I agree Anna. In our situation, we’re looking to replace some sections of barbed wire with something so we’re kind of looking for some options. Though we’ll probably go with some kind of braided electrical fence (like Electrobraid), the Centaur fencing looks interesting.

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