Show horses, MEET GIRLS!

At the horse show this weekend, Mikki and I made an interesting social observation. There are very few boys/men riding at these shows. It’s true. I’d guess 85% of the participants are female and all the boys/men were constantly surrounded by cute girls/women. Our son is only 10 but when the time comes for him to be interested in girls, I’m going to suggest he ratchet up his interest in horses, too. It’s nearly a perfect dating scenario. Horses are masculine but also feminine. Guys look tough on horses and girls like horses and guys who look tough. It’s easy to date someone who is interested in similar topics, such as horses. Chemistry can develop when you’re involved in some friendly competition at a show. And supply versus demand gives guys the edge. Eighty five percent! Why aren’t more guys into this sport!?

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Long-winded horse newbie, aspiring amateur barrel racer and cowboy mounted shooter. Bill has a "horse problem" and regularly wears a t-shirt that reminds him "I don't need another horse." A favorite quote is from John Wayne: "Courage is being scared but saddling up anyway," which pretty much describes how he feels every time he gets on a horse.
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  1. COD says:

    I’ve had the same thought at 4H shows. There were a couple of teenage boys in 4H with my daughter, and they were very happy campers at shows. They pretty much had 100+ girls to themselves.

    I keep waiting for my 13 year old son (who is just there passing time while his sister competes) to look up from his book / dvd player / Gameboy and realize that he is in a target rich environment.

  2. Jackie says:

    Very good question! I have been thinking about this and the only thing I can come up with is that women are more nurturing. Some people need to have more physical unconditional love. Animals give unconditional love. Men don’t give as much nurturing *motherly love*. It is not in men’s nature to nurture the way women do.

    My humble opinion. :D

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Julian Ross says:

    Running a riding holiday centre, well over three quarters of my clients are female. This can be very pleasant when one is single. I met my partner when she came here as a client.

    I’d suggest that, when your son is old enough to drive, get him a cool truck with a hitch to pull a trailer. Then he really will have no end of attention from horse-loving girls. I hope he likes horse shows:) Oh, and growing a beard seems to help too.

  4. Good question….we’ve wondered that too. But it is interesting, in our discipline, (eventing and jumping) the higher up you go on the competitive level the more men you see. Does that mean that the few men who do enter the sport tend to stick at it and really excel?

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