My dog eats horse poop

My dog eating pooI think that’s the best way to put it, really. My dog just loves our new horse. From the start neither showed fear or even much interest in the other. Except my dog quickly learned that having a horse around meant occasional carrot and apple snacks dropped from our messy horse and an endless supply of the finest horse manure this side of PetSmart.

My dog cleaning upNow I just know there must be some kind of disease my dog can get from this and of course we stop him whenever we seem him doing it, but there’s no way to keep him from the pasture and as long he as doesn’t run away or cause trouble, we like him to be able to roam freely when we’re outside.

The cleaning up after horsey snacks I don’t mind. I don’t like Valentine to poke his head through the fence and any food left behind will attract bugs and other critters. So I’m fine with my canine friend having some leftover (albeit dirty) carrot and apple pieces. But poop? Ick!

If you ever stop by our little farm, take my advice and don’t accept kisses from my dog.

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Long-winded horse newbie, aspiring amateur barrel racer and cowboy mounted shooter. Bill has a "horse problem" and regularly wears a t-shirt that reminds him "I don't need another horse." A favorite quote is from John Wayne: "Courage is being scared but saddling up anyway," which pretty much describes how he feels every time he gets on a horse.
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16 Responses to My dog eats horse poop

  1. Norman says:

    Are we talking about Jack or Ranger. By the pics I would say Jack, but I need clarification for my suprise visit this summer. (oops, did I let that slip? :-) )

  2. Kathy says:

    It’s normal for your dog to eat horse poop and it probably won’t make him seriously ill. Although he might want a ‘second look’ as dogs sometimes do and kak it all up on the living room rug. “Bun eating” is just one of those icky things dogs do, and you just might want him to take a drink of water or have a breath mint before he gives you a kiss–other wise no harm.

  3. yup..almost all dogs eat horse apples. Just make sure your horse is wormed regularly and you dog is too :)

  4. Serenit says:

    My dog loves apples but not horsey ones.
    He likes red apples or pink lady apples.
    He sometimes eats melon, cucumber and radish, not horse radish though.
    He doesn’t like anything with horse in it. Go figure!

  5. Steph says:

    My dog, Bella, loves our horse’s poop. We keep her in the barn most times and she loves to stick her head under the stalls and grab a snack. We also noticed that she tends to favor the horse that gets sweet feed. Although disgusting, she’s not dumb.
    ps I agree its a good idea to keep the horses and the dog wormed.

  6. jen says:

    I have three dogs, and all of them love to eat horse poop. I try and catch them when i see them eating it, but it still doesn’t help. I agree with keeping the dog(s) and the horse(s) wormed.

  7. paula says:

    we call them cookies. our dogs like them fresh n warm from the “oven”

  8. Mary says:

    Keep both the horse and dog wormed and there should be no harm, and actually there might be some benefit to your dog as he may eat the poop because he has a deficiency or imbalance of “good” bacteria in his gut. Eating horse poop may be a good source of probiotics. My dog had whip and hook worms when I first rescued him. He also used to eat horse poops often back then, but now that his digestive system is parasite free, I rarely see him eat it anymore.

  9. Kathryn C says:

    my dogs really love to eat “poopsicles” — frozen horse poop in the winter. when we brought our first horse home, the dogs looked at him admiringly, as if to say “he’s not just a friend, he’s a VENDING MACHINE…..”

    It does rather mean choosing carefully when to let the dogs kiss you. (“get away from me, poo-breath!”)

  10. Tracey F says:

    My dog eats my horses poop to it is DISGUSTING and revolting! My husband says it is because he is lacking a mineral of some sort I heard of horse doing htis buit not dogs!

  11. LC says:

    We live on a farm and our new puppy is loving poop! horse poop, goose poop, even his own poop. I was hoping he was just initially exploring and tasting his new surroundings but now Im starting to wonder. :)

  12. teri says:

    I have owned horses my entire life….and I have never met a dog that did not like horse poo:) I have been around alot of people with alot of dogs including my own 5, and they all just love it.

  13. bob says:

    My dog just loves to eat all kinds of poop, except his own. We took him to the vet to see if he had a problem, but he was fine. The vet said that some dogs consider poop a delicacy.

  14. carole says:

    If your horses are on solitude igr and your dog eat the manure, can it harm the dog?

  15. Sally says:

    This shows a deficiency of Vitamin B. Hopefully, with
    supplements and vitamins daily, this stinky problem may stop – give
    it a try. I am! By the way, does anyone know what the vets say
    about this “habit”?????

  16. erin says:

    I have 7 horses and 5 dogs and they have ALL ate plenty of horse poo. Though tonight was one of a different kind. Was gone for a few hours and came home to Bloody stools and bloody vomit ALL over the place from my 3 year old lhasa poo ( my other dogs are Great Danes) Any how rushed him off to the vet and after much blood work and culltures came back that he got a bacterial infection from eating horse feces and it has eaten away the lining of his large intestine and his stomach. Injection med’s were given and 10 days worth of pills.
    My advice if you can get fencing ( invisible ) to keep dogs out of horse pastures then do.

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